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About the Centre

Dhamma Ketana (Sign of Dhamma) is one of more than 162 centres worldwide offering courses in Vipassana Meditation(external link), taught by S.N.Goenka(external link) and his assistant teachers in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

The Centre is situated on a tranquil 5.2 acre land in Cheriyanad, a village near Chengannur town, in the south indian State of Kerala. It is located in a rustic environment. In spite of its apparent remoteness, the place is well connected by road and rail.

nameboard eastern backportion of the compound
Entrance of the centre The 3.1 acres low-lying back portion of the compound.


Courses in Kerala started in 1993. Until September 2006, 65 ten-days courses were conducted in rented sites. Over the years the demand for a proper centre grew. But only in May 2006 the land for the centre Dhamma Ketana was identified after several years of search by Kerala Vipassana Samiti.

old house main building main building renovated
The existence of this abandoned home on the site made it possible for at least one-day courses to be started without delay. On August 15 , 2006 the first-ever 1-day course was conducted. Same building after basic renovation.

The first 10 day course was successfully conducted from 21.12.06 - 01.01.2007 with a strength of 7 females and 21 male students + servers. Now there is a 10 day course every month + 3 day courses + 1 day + children courses.

So far the construction of the following facilities are over:

The compound consists of a flat ground of 3.1 acres and a low lying portion of 2.1 acres.
kitchen pond
The lowland has a coconut plantation and faces a vast expanse of rice paddy field. The 3.1 acres flatland has trees ,a coconut plantation, 2 ponds and a well.

kitchen and dinninghall Kitchen in the foreground and Dininghall in the background

Weather :